FLXone Platform Privacy Statement

Mapp has created a technology platform that third parties, mostly advertising specialists, use to leverage their data across the full advertising workflow, while keeping control of their data (hereinafter referred to as: “Platform”). The Platform is designed to enable these third parties through the use of non-personally identifiable information that they have collected while using the Platform or have acquired from other sources (hereinafter referred to as: “Information”). As described in the Privacy Statement below, Mapp makes certain uses of the Information collected by third parties on the Platform.


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For more information about online behavioural advertising (OBA) and user choices please visit: www.youronlinechoices.com/uk/




Effective March 17, 2015


This Privacy Statement describes Mapp’s practices and policies with regard to the Information. It only applies to Mapp. It does not state the practices or policies of third parties using the Platform, of the websites or apps on which ads are shown while using the Platform, or any other use of the Platform by any other party.


What information do we collect and use?

Mapp does not collect and/or use sensitive personal data such as racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, health and sex life. Mapp collects and uses Information on the Platform which can contain the following:

  • Timestamp
  • Anonymous user id
  • IP address
  • Information about browser and operating system
  • Unique identifier assigned to a device
  • Url address of the web page visited including any header information
  • Geographic location
  • Actions performed within a web page
  • Information derived from content of a web page
  • Any derivative of the above
  • Data from other sources: The Platform enables third parties to use data provided by other sources than the Platform. Third parties use different techniques, for example ID synching, to enable the use of this data through the Platform.



How do we collect information?

The Platform uses, amongst others, the following techniques to collect non-personally identifiable information: cookies, beacons, tags, mobile SDKs and non-cookie technologies.



For what purposes do we use the information?

  • Mapp uses the Information collected on the Platform to provide, operate, manage, maintain and enhance the Platform.
  • Mapp may act as a customer of the Platform to advertise its business.
  • The Platform enables Mapp’s customers to use the Information they collect to buy, sell, optimize and analyze advertising, including interest-based advertising, using real-time bidding.
  • Particular advertising-related purposes for which Mapp clients may use the Information they collect on the Platform include:
    • Interest-based advertising
    • Limiting the number of times a user sees a particular ad
    • Showing ads in a particular sequence
    • Customizing ads to a particular geographic region
    • Showing ads related to the content of the web page on which they are shown
    • Determining when users respond to ads
    • Reporting aggregated statistics regarding, for example, the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns

Typically, third parties using a platform, such as the Mapp Platform, they own the data that they provide to and collect through the Platform. While the Mapp Platform is designed to use only non-personally identifiable information, when clients remove their data from the Platform, their use of data is governed by their own privacy policies and applicable laws, rules, or regulations.



What information does Mapp share with third parties?

Mapp may, to operate, analyze or enhance Mapp’s services, provide data collected on the Platform to third parties, for example, but not limited to, clients, partners, and service providers. Mapp may provide to or enable others to collect Information for purposes of detecting and preventing malicious activity or invalid traffic. In addition, Mapp may disclose such Information in the event we reasonably suspect malicious activity or invalid traffic or when we believe that we are legally required to do so. Mapp may also share Information derived from the Platform, including, for example, statistics about Platform activity. Finally, we may transfer Platform Information to a successor entity in connection with a corporate merger, consolidation, sale of assets, bankruptcy, or other corporate change.



How is the information stored and how long is it kept?

  • Mapp uses generally accepted industry security standards on the Platform.
  • Information stored in the platform is retained in the Platform in non-aggregated form. Aggregated data is used for reporting and analysis and this is also stored in the Platform.



Opt Out
Mapp adheres to the IAB Europe OBA Framework and principles and allows all users to ‘opt out’ of advertiser specific advertisements that are delivered using OBA methods.

You can opt out of Mapp Information collection, here’s how:

You can click below to opt out of having the Platform used to select ads for your browser based on your browsing behavior. When you opt out, an opt out cookie will be stored in your web browser. The Platform will know the choice you have made when it sees your opt out cookie and will apply your choice to all third parties using the Platform. If you block or delete the opt out cookie, the Platform will not be able to recognize your opt out.


Click here to Opt Out


Changes to this Policy
We may, from time to time, change our practices with regard to Information collected and used by Mapp Platform. Changes will be reflected in this Platform Privacy Statement. However, if we were to make material changes, those changes would not be applied to Information collected prior to the changes.



For questions or complaints regarding OBA data or its use please email us at benelux@mapp.com, or click here for our contact form. You can also write us at the address below.
Mapp Digital The Netherlands BV, Lichttoren 32, 5611 BJ Eindhoven, The Netherlands